Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery Services

At the point when water damage happens, prompt action is required. We stand prepared, day in and day out, to assemble our team to restore damage. Water damage that isn't tended to rapidly presents 2 key dangers; the first is that the damaged areas can grow if the underlying influenced materials are not tended to immediately. The second risk is mould growth on susceptible materials which can create a much bigger, more expensive problem.

No activity is too enormous or too little and each moderation task is dealt with expertly and consciously. Each misfortune that we handle is directed by an ensured and authorised Water Damage Specialist. Their job is to assess the damage, set up and institute the relief plan, speak with you and every single invested individual all through the alleviation and to report discoveries and progress. Our objective on each task is to carry your property to a perfect and dry state, as fast as possible.

Our services include;

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Removal
  • Mould Reports (Floors only)
  • Emergency Flood Response, onsite carpet drying
  • Floor Drying; air blowers, dehumidifiers and air filtration devices
  • Odour control treatment
  • Carpets professionally re-laid (If required)

We work for all insurance companies and serve the commercial and residential sectors.

All Flood Repairs #1 goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied. We are here to work with your or your insurance company to offer whatever services may be needed to restore your property. Our services are made to make the restoration process less stressful and as easy going as possible for the customer. When disaster strikes, we are ready if you need to make that call.